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  • When Jay Paris, a photojournalist, filmmaker and leader at North American Family Institute, and Anna Myer, artistic director of Anna Myer and Dancers, began collaborating, they had each established notable careers in their respective fields. Paris had authored several books following a stint at TIME, National Geographic and numerous other magazines, while also developing innovative prevention programs for inner city youth. Myer had distinguished herself as a professional ballerina and choreographer before launching Anna Myer and Dancers in 1992, receiving rave reviews from the New York Times and The Boston Globe. Her innovative approach to modern dance combined with her ambition to give voice to inner city artists led to working with Paris in 2013. They have created live performances for diverse audiences on premier stages and inner city basketball courts across the Northeast. The team of Paris and Myer then joined forces with award winning filmmaker Jack McDonald to investigate new ways to inspire large audiences to think and act differently about resolving cultural conflicts using 21st century tools and approaches.

    In early 2015, the newly formed beheard.world merged with Anna Myer and Dancers to create a new 501 (C) 3. We are dedicated to using film and performing arts to create new dialogues, promote change and give voice to individuals and communities.