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  •                                                                VISION

    We seek to find and portray exceptional examples of the power of being seen and heard by creating films and social media that inspire people to take positive action. We want to capture the “voice” and messages of youth, adults and communities through the performing arts by creating workshops and professional theater productions that broadly engage, educate and empower audiences. We hope to create a membership network of supporters who embrace the beheard.world brand.

                                                          Our Strategic Plan

    In harnessing the immense power of storytelling and inspiring new ways of thinking and acting, we seek to use a range of artistic expression through film and performing arts to make even the most difficult subjects both understandable and emotionally accessible, ultimately breaking down the social barriers that divide us.

    In making change, we find and support authentic voices generated from authentic experiences that enhance cultural equity. We recognize that original talent and ideas need to be sought out and encouraged, especially those that capture the experiences of communities that have been unseen and unheard.

    We are creating a distribution network that combines traditional venues such as independent movie houses, colleges, performing arts theaters and web and television broadcasting outlets with new technologies such as the Emerson College-based HowlRound and new presentation platforms being incubated by Viceland and the New York Times Virtual Reality group.

    We want to build audiences that will welcome and even seek out beheard.world films and performances for their relevance and artistic excellence. We know this will contribute to breaking down walls and demonstrating the power of film and performance to engage and connect.

                                                              Specific Strategies 

    Working Partnerships—We are collaborating with leading institutions to jointly pursue opportunities that engage students, faculty and researchers in the creation of film and performing arts pieces designed to achieve deep social impact.  Possible partnerships include Emerson College, Brandeis University and Pratt Institute. We are also planning to establish faculty project stipends (also juried) to give seed support to promising work.

    Community Outreach – the beheard.world team is cultivating a broad network of community relationships to mine remarkable stories and empower storytellers representing a diverse spectrum of ethnicity, culture, faith and professions.

    Cultural Equity—beheard.world places the highest priority on those stories that bring previously unheard voices into dialogue. We pursue stories and storytellers from isolated groups and places, bringing new awareness and ideas to inspire greater trust and understanding. A rotating jury of beheard.world members ensures an ever-changing eye for new projects that are selected and funded.

    Production— beheard.world’s team will make one live performance and one film per year but also support and select the work of others. All projects will embrace the tenets of great storytelling while preserving the integrity of the storyteller and the complexity of the community and culture from which it emanates. Within this context we believe in honoring collaborations and encouraging artistic freedom, while offering expert resources and financial support to chosen projects.

    Distribution – beheard.world is developing distribution networks to show films and attract audiences to live performances. We have a special focus on the expansion of traditional and non-traditional venues for the films and performances.

    Research and Outcomes – Sustainability of funding is derived from influence. Our research partners will help us develop quantitative and qualitative ways of measuring influence to demonstrate impact and continuously expand our reach.

     Funding Partnerships – With potent university, research and community partnerships, diverse portfolio of offerings, a priority of cultural equity, an expert level of production and innovative distribution with measurable impact, we know beheard.world will be in a position to attract sophisticated social impact investors. We are committed to attracting philanthropic and entrepreneurial partners who share our values and thrive as stakeholders in our mission.