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  • Lenox Street
    Lenox Street examines the power of the expressive arts to transform teenagers, particularly teens who are struggling with their identities and place in the world. Currently, we completing our long and short films called Lenox Street that richly demonstrate the power of being heard as 20 random, high-risk teens from  Boston’s most violent neighborhood transform their identities and lives by participating in a performing arts program. Lenox Street will premier in the fall of 2016. To view the trailer, click:

    The Training
    A second film series and accompanying curriculum investigates the divide and clash between police and communities of color. It will follow twelve inner city teens of color into a training with twelve beat cops who patrol their neighborhood to discover whether their mutual biases and distrust can be overcome. Pre-Production of The Training has begun with production to begin in early 1917. To see a short, 11 minute  film that previews the concept, click: