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  • Community Workshops

    Beheard.world’s performing arts company offers workshops to diverse community groups and institutions, including high schools, colleges and the general public. They include one-day and two-day sessions in which participants explore social justice themes, as well as undertake personal explorations into creativity and self-expression. The workshops can be customized to meet the needs of most organizations. Workshop teachers are seasoned group facilitators and educators. Many are also practicing artists in beheard.world’s performing arts company who specialize in dance, Spoken Word, movement and storytelling. All of these genres are tools utilized in the company’s workshop designs and execution.

    Youth Workshops

    The workshop engages urban teenagers between the ages of 15 to 19 in creating stories that gives voice to their truths, fears, isolation and differences. The carefully structured collaborative exercises, discussions and creative work enable them to experience empathy and understanding in a deep and sustainable way.

    Stories will be told through the disciplines of Spoken Word, Rap, Hip Hop Dance (Movement) and —-Storytelling. The workshop can be held after school in a minimum of five sessions and combined with     a weekend intensive. Our seasoned instructors are also the professional members of the Company. The approach includes:

    • Lifeline explorations
    • Group discussions
    • Pairing youth from diverse backgrounds, neighborhoods, race and gender to share and create
    • Preparing to perform
    • Performances precede the Company’s performance of Invisible: Imprints of Racism
    • Q and A with audiences following performances